She Ain't It
How to Expose Damaged, Desperate, And Deceitful Women & Attract Your Game Changer

by G.L. Lambert

Finally, a book for men that cuts through all that nice guy nonsense and tells you the truth about dating in the 21st century....

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She Ain't It!

No more recycling exes, falling for Gold Diggers, being stuck in the friend zone, or hanging onto a toxic relationship where you feel unappreciated and emasculated. Reclaim Your Time!

Are you an Alpha or a Beta? The world of dating has changed and while you may think you know the game, are you doing anything truly different from these Red Pill swallowing losers, swiping on dating apps, hooking up with the bottom of the barrel skanks, while fantasizing about a better breed of woman?

Using seven years of research, I will take you step by step and show you how to Man Up. She Ain't It: How to Expose Damaged, Desperate, and Deceitful Women & Attract Your Game Changer, is not a pick-up artist book, it's a declaration of war that will force you to look in the mirror and destroy all the weak habits that have kept you from realizing your potential.

This could be called "He Ain't It" because these same lessons apply to women looking to upgrade themselves to find a better man. Any woman that's willing to take a hard look at her own life, can easily use the strategies in this book to turn their lives around as well.

No matter who you are, be sure to read this before you start dating again, if you're stuck in a relationship or situationship that's stalled, or if you've been out of the game and looking to get back in. Your old methods haven't led to anything life changing, which means it's time to upgrade your played-out techniques and bend this universe to your will!

You can't glue a horn on a jackass and call it a Unicorn but that's what so many men do. Instead of poking your chest out and pretending you know what you're doing, it's time to step your game up, say good bye to the immature games that only net bottom of the barrel women, and use actual steps that have landed men just like you quality women that aren't the typical headache inducing time wasters! Any sucker can get girls these days, this is about finding a WOMAN! You can't afford to keep wasting your time with damaged goods and desperate ring chasers, it's time to upgrade to the Master Level of dating and find your Game Changer.

Read. Learn. Apply. Conquer!

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